Use of Java in Oracle Fusion Applications

In this video, Oracle Senior VP of Application Development Steve Miranda explains the importance of Java in the company's next generation of applications called Fusion Applications.

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Use of Java in Oracle Fusion Applications

Steve Miranda: Yeah, sure. I mean, it's the foundation for Fusion
Applications, so Fusion apps is 100% standard based, which from
a business process means ‘Bepple’ and from identity
management has some standard base components to it. But
fundamentally the standard base from the user interface it's nearly
100% Java. When I say nearly 100% because of course we have
interfaces for desktop applications. Like in finance you integrate
with Excel and in contracts you integrate with Microsoft Word
and things of that sort but basically any UI that we build, and the
vast majority of validation in business logic is written in Java.
So it's underpinning is the foundation for the Fusion apps nearly

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