Oracle: Java acquisition about "risk management" more than profit

Oracle VP of Development Adam Messinger spoke to at TheServerSide Java Symposium earlier this month. When asked what Oracle gets out of Java, Messinger said the Java acquisition was more about risk management than making money off Java. Keeping Java viable is crucial to Oracle because much of the company's middleware and application infrastructures are built on top of Java.

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Oracle: Java acquisition about "risk management" more than profit

Adam Messinger: I think that this acquisition actually,
in many ways, was more about risk management than
it was about monetization opportunity, as it regards to
Java that is. The thing I think we were worried about is that
Java was not progressing well under Sun. That, I think, is
our primary problem for us.

Like I said, we have a huge business built on top of Java.
While we have some plans on how to make money off of
Java, selling supports or the standard Red Hat-ish Premium
model, and some premium features around it, that sort of
stuff we're going to do, but the focus is definitely on keeping
that we had already built on top of Java healthy and growing
because that's where our money comes from. It's not like. . .
The Java revenues aren't bad, don't get me wrong, but it's
nowhere near even the WebLogic revenues, much less the
rest of the middle ware or the apps business, right?

It's just a lot smaller piece of money, and so our focus is
improving profitability or driving profitability for the whole
company. Then, the way to do that, I think, is the whole place,
or a lot of the place is predicated on healthy Java, so that's

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