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Oracle IaaS update a 'smart move' to bolster its cloud platforms

Infrastructure as a service has not always been first and foremost among its brethren "as a service" elements that have come to comprise cloud computing -- think software as a service and platform as a service. But Oracle IaaS is now seen to be a key part of the database company's quest to become a big-time cloud player.

To forward its infrastructure as a service effort, Oracle partnered with Accenture, a company that claims to have more than 52,000 Oracle consultants on board. Accenture is now offering a migration services factory for Oracle IaaS, and managed services for Oracle Public Cloud across SaaS, PaaS and IaaS implementations. Accenture also has opened a database performance lab specifically centered on Oracle IaaS. It appears that Accenture engineers now are working alongside Oracle engineers, Intel engineers and customers to scale the database to perform at top notch on cloud using real-world scenarios.

At Oracle Open World 2016, Accenture's Pat Sullivan joined SearchOracle to discuss Accenture's role and Oracle's prospects for IaaS. He agreed that there's a central push these days to ensure that the Oracle database runs at high speed and capacity on the cloud platform.

"With the amount of data that is out there today that clients are running on Oracle databases, it's a smart move," said Sullivan, who is global Oracle technology lead at Accenture. "As clients begin to move their infrastructure to the cloud, that database is a key element of all the applications in their environment."

Amazon Web Services has staked a claim on the cloud that is hard to ignore. How fast the Oracle database runs on the Oracle cloud could be an important differentiator. Oracle is going to build a cloud for its products and make sure they run there with optimal performance, Sullivan suggested in this video. Watch it and find out more about the course of Oracle cloud efforts.

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