OAUG on top 2011 Oracle applications topics

Oracle Applications Users Group President Mark Clark talks about the top Oracle applications topics in 2011, which include upgrades and the return of IT budgets that were leveled during the economic recession.

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OAUG on top 2011 Oracle applications topics

Mark Clark: Upgrades again, that's a big topic. We have folks here that a lot of the
are very well attended. They're comparing notes, they're putting plans
together, they're assembling the budgets. That's a very important topic
right now.

Other folks, they're coming out of this period where there weren't a lot of
investments, there weren't a lot of projects for a while, decreased IT
budgets, decreased head counts, so they were in more of a maintenance mode.
Now I think there's a lot of excitement because they're finally getting
budget and they're finally getting head count to do projects.

I think the people are being very cautious about the money that they are
being allowed to spend. We'll see things like implementation of software
that they own that they maybe haven't yet rolled out, or they're rolling
out software to new countries, or they're rolling out to new plants.
They're expanding their existing investment maybe a little bit farther than
their enterprise.

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