OAUG on Oracle support of applications

Oracle Applications Users Group President Mark Clark talks about Oracle's support of existing applications in the midst of Fusion Applications.

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OAUG on Oracle support of applications

Mark Clark: I think our folks are wanting to understand, they want to see Oracle live
up to that promise of supporting the applications that they're on. Some
folks aren't necessarily on a release that Oracle is promising to support
going forward, so there are some minimum release levels. So a lot of folks
are working right now to get themselves up to that point where they can
stay on the sustaining support.

Other folks are looking at Fusion as a potential endpoint solution. Other
folks are looking at it as something they might move to a few years down
the road. But I think the majority of attendees here are looking at, if
they're on 11.5.10 or an earlier release, getting to a 12.1 release. Other
folks are on a 12.0 release getting themselves to a 12.1 release. So I
think that's the majority of our attendees seem to be going in that

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