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Cloud and Oracle Engineered Systems push changes in IT

SAN FRANCISCO -- The Oracle cloud landscape continues to expand, as Oracle adds new software-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service offerings, as well as the new Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider Program. Meanwhile, the Oracle Engineered Systems product line forces IT professionals to broaden their knowledge base. For some, the rapid change has been a struggle. But Maria Anderson, president of the Independent Oracle Users Group, sees it as an opportunity.

Anderson got her start in IT 18 years ago working as an Oracle database administrator, and she has since worked as, among other jobs, a consultant, a manager and an analyst. Currently, she is working on a Ph.D. in leadership from Royal Roads University in British Columbia and consulting on leadership. Combining her experience as an IT professional and her leadership knowledge, Anderson has a lot to say about the path cloud and other technologies are taking the IT profession down.

"The interesting thing about cloud is that it's no longer entirely in the IT realm anymore," Anderson said in a video interview recorded at the Oracle OpenWorld 2016 conference here. According to Anderson, technologies like the Oracle cloud and Oracle Engineered Systems are bringing the walls tumbling down between IT and business, as well as between the various roles within IT.

This, Anderson said, is changing the roles IT professionals play in their organizations and the skills they need. These days, IT professionals are expected to know a little bit about everything, so silos are becoming more and more a thing of the past. After all, when confronted by the black box of an Oracle Engineered System, such as Exadata, a database administrator is going to have to work with all parts of the package, not just the database.

Furthermore, as the cloud makes it easier for the business side to operate the technology, Anderson said she sees IT professionals moving into the role of advisers on technology to the business side, rather than exclusive users of the technology. "The value we can bring is more around being strategic, understanding the technology and bringing that understanding to our clients," she said.

In this video, Jessica Sirkin, associate site editor for SearchOracle, discusses with Anderson the role of the cloud and Oracle Engineered Systems in the changing landscape of IT.

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