Big Oracle topics in 2011

President of the Independent Oracle Users Group Andrew Flower says that 2011’s big topics for Oracle will be cloud computing and big data. Both of these subjects relate to the common theme of companies needing to store more and more information. Flower explains how both cloud computing and big data will affect Oracle in 2011.

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Andrew Flower on big Oracle topics in 2011

Andrew Flower: There are probably a number of topics, but
probably the two that we are looking at and we are tracking,
and they are certainly related, is cloud computing, which we
will hear a little bit more about today, from Steve Miranda and
John Olson, and then big data. Just this growth and the amount
of data that organizations are retaining and processing, and the
techniques that will need to be in place to manage all of that is
changing in a number of ways in how we are going to have to
manage that.

As hardware and software productivity increases and the
capacities to be able to manage things, it will change with cloud.
If you look at private cloud, that gives that opportunity for greater
consolidation. I think we are looking at a potential change in just
overall management of data centers with consolidation. Also,
those competing things; I am going to consolidate things, but
things are getting bigger and bigger. We are going to have to
look and do things a little bit differently.

Just as a glimpse into that, if you look at Exadata, all of the skills
that DBAs have learned, not all, but quite a few of the tips, tricks,
and things that they have learned, and we just got this straight
from Tom Kite this afternoon. He said, 'A lot of the stuff I taught
you about how to make your databases run faster; throw it away.'
With Exadata, you have to think differently, because of the
integration of the database with the storage architecture, and all
of that in a box, means that you do things differently. You do not
need to index as much as you used to, it actually gets in the way,
having materialized views get in the way of the database. Actually,
you want full scans, because those scans are being done in the storage
devices and not at the database layer. All of this stuff is a mind shift for DBAs.

That is just a look into what is now, which is Exadata. When you look
at consolidation, private clouds, data growing more and more, and the
different types of data that will be managed, I think there is a lot of
change in how we manage these things on the horizon.

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