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Oracle database upgrade guide

If you’re considering a move to a new Oracle database version -- especially Oracle Database 11g or Oracle Database 11gR2 -- read our Oracle database upgrade guide for tips and customer success stories.

In this guide on Oracle database upgrades, read tips, advice and customer success stories for upgrading to Oracle Database 11g. Also, learn what features you will get from updating to the newest version of the Oracle database, and what steps to go through and who to involve in your Oracle database upgrade.

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Oracle database upgrade guide
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Oracle released the first version of its 11g database in 2007, and then the software giant began to offer Oracle 11gR2 in 2009. Still, many users have not upgraded from Oracle Database 10g, as they don’t have the time or resources to do so, especially in a down economy. According to’s Challenges and Priorities Survey 2010, Oracle 10g tops the list of Oracle database platforms -- with 85% using the database -- despite the fact that 11g has been out for three years. 

Oracle 11g and 11gR2 offer a variety of new features. In Oracle 11g, one of the most notable of these features is the Real Application Testing capability, which can dramatically shorten the time of an upgrade.  Other Oracle 11g features include automatic SQL and memory tuning and Database Replay and SQL Replay capabilities.  Included in the new features of Oracle 11gR2 is a new version of Oracle RAC called RAC One Node, which allows IT shops to RAC-enable a database on a single machine that is inside a grid. Also, read this list of top Oracle 11g features from an Oracle executive.

For those that have upgraded to Oracle 11g, what do they think of the new version? Did they face any challenges in the upgrade process? Intermap Technologies Inc., a maker of 3D geometric data and topographic maps for commercial, government and consumer applications, is one company that has made the upgrade to Oracle 11g. Listen to this podcast to learn more about the organization’s 11g transition.

An upgrade to Oracle 11g also has to include not only DBAs, but application support staff and business users as well. And those involved can choose a direct upgrade route, which often involves the Oracle Database Upgrade Assistant, or an indirect route that most commonly uses the export/import functions. In this 11g upgrade advice from an Oracle upgrade veteran, learn about these options and more in this step-by-step upgrade process that includes:

Step 1: Planning

Step 2: Testing the Plan

Step 3: Creating documentation

Step 4: Preparing

Step 5: Upgrading

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