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Oracle application upgrade guide

Read this Oracle application upgrade guide for news, demos and advice on the latest in Oracle application upgrades, whether you’re upgrading Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft or to Oracle Fusion applications.

In this guide on Oracle application upgrades, find news and tips on upgrading E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel and more. Also, get advice on how to upgrade to Oracle Fusion Applications, and learn what steps you should take in your Oracle Fusion apps upgrade preparations.  Read both personal upgrade stories from customers and advice from our Oracle upgrade experts.

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Oracle application upgrade guide


Upgrading to Oracle Fusion Applications

At Oracle OpenWorld 2009, CEO Larry Ellison introduced the long-awaited Oracle Fusion applications, and at the next year’s conference he showed a video demonstration  of the project that has been over five years in the making. Now, with the next-generation Fusion apps scheduled to be released in early 2011, the question is: Should you upgrade? While some think an upgrade to Fusion apps is best for their organization, others have cautioned to look before you leap with Fusion apps, as an upgrade to Fusion may also come with:

  •  Increased maintenance costs
  •  New SaaS training costs for IT staff
  • Difficulty in integrating existing customizations with Fusion

Another question often asked in regard to a Fusion apps upgrade is: Should I upgrade to the latest version of my other applications before upgrading to Fusion?

According to Oracle, the answer is yes. Read about one Oracle executive’s 10 steps to get to Fusion, which includes upgrading to all current Oracle applications, preparing a roadmap around next releases and rethinking your customization strategy.

Check out these other resources on Oracle Fusion applications upgrades:

  • In this video, Mark Smith, CEO of Ventana Research, offers some advice on the highlights of Fusion Apps, the upgrade path and how business needs to remain engaged in the process.
  • See a video demo of Fusion applications, in which Chris Leone, group vice president of applications development at Oracle, demonstrates a scenario in which there is a problem with a project and the user must communicate with employees.

Oracle E-Business Suite upgrades

Oracle application upgrades come with many considerations -- such as dealing with database downtime and hiring consultants to help -- and moving to the latest version of Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is no exception.

Many users interested in upgrading to the latest EBS version, R12, have been delayed because of economic challenges. Still, EBS upgrades are becoming more necessary as Premier Support for 11i ends, and those moving to Extended Support will lack certification for most third-party products and also face new minimum patching baselines. Oracle has waived the 10% Extended Support maintenance fee through November 2011, buying some users extra time to make their upgrade decision.

Many users have completed Oracle E-Business Suite upgrades successfully, such as a nutritional supplement company who did an Oracle E-Business Suite 12 upgrade over about a year’s time.   USANA Health Sciences finished the upgrade in November 2009, but the process was not without challenges – such as complications in migrating OPM data and the fact that Oracle released a newer version of the EBS 12 upgrade during the project.

Other users have also faced EBS R12 upgrade challenges. ONEOK, a large energy and natural gas corporation, had problems with its large amount of historical data. And while Abt Associates had a mostly smooth R12 upgrade process, it ran into a few problems in the project building and Oracle Accounts Receivable (AR) space.

Oracle application upgrades for PeopleSoft, Siebel

Performing an Oracle application upgrade comes with both technical and functional advantages, whether you’re working with PeopleSoft, Siebel or JD Edwards.  Check out these resources to read more about these Oracle application upgrades and personal customer experiences:

Upgrading PeopleSoft, part 1: The first steps: Read this tip from the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG), which discusses a technical upgrade of PeopleSoft Financials, including how to plan and evaluate the upgrade and train your technical team on the upgrade process.

Upgrading PeopleSoft, part 2: Installation and the move to production: In this second tip from the IOUG, learn how to install your new software and move through the next steps such as installing a DEMO database and the Upgrade Assistant.

Disney details its CRM upgrade to Siebel 8.0: Read about how an IT manager with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts upgraded from Siebel 7.8 to 8.0 in approximately three months, and get his advice on Siebel upgrades, which includes: Co-locate the application and database servers, analyze your log files thoroughly, and move through the upgrade slowly and spend most of your time in development.


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