Oracle VM vs. VMware: A closer look

Trying to decide between Oracle VM and VMWare for your Oracle virtualization needs? Read this Oracle VM vs. VMWare guide for a side-by-side comparison of the two Oracle virtualization vendors.

In this Oracle virtualization guide, get an introduction to Oracle virtualization, learn about Oracle's virtualization...

strategy, understand Oracle virtualization licensing and support and learn the pros and cons of Oracle VM vs. VMware. This section looks at the Oracle vs. VMware battle. While VMware is currently the market leader, we examine the advantages and disadvantages of each virtualization vendor, the future of Oracle VM and VMware and offer a side-by-side Oracle vs. VMware comparison.

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Oracle VM vs. VMware: A closer look
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While Oracle VM is fairly new, VMware is now 10 years older and currently the market leader in server virtualization software. But with Oracle's recent acquisition of Sun Microsystems, which could bring the software giant new-found potential in the virtualization market, things there could easily change.

While we won't know for sometime how that plays out it's still important to evaluate your options before choosing a virtualization vendor. Here's a basic side-by-side comparison of Oracle VM and VMware:


Oracle VM VMWare
Oracle VM is based on its Xen-based hypervisor platform.

Oracle claims that it won't support Oracle applications running on third-party virtualization software, though it recently said it will support E-Business Suite 11i and R12 on third-party virtualization platforms.

Recent new features and product updates for Oracle VM include its Oracle VM Template Builder and VM Template for its Siebel CRM product.

Oracle's most recent release of Oracle VM is version 2.2, offers new CPU power management, memory management, direct disk I/O capabilities and delivers on the initial integration of Oracle VM and Virtual Iron technology.

Read more about Oracle VM at and its Oracle VM blog.

VMWare runs on the VMware ESX hypervisor, the industry's first "bare-metal" hypervisor for x86 systems.

More recently, VMware has begun a crackdown on some third-party support products.


VMware's latest release includes VMware Fusion 3, a Windows-to-Mac solution that includes more than 50 new features and enhancements.

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