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Validate or change Oracle Apps username and password

How to change or verify the login information for an applications user.

This script can be used for troubleshooting. In Oracle Applications there are two kinds of users -- the Oracle...

user and application user. The Oracle user password can be verified by direct login. But the applications login can't be directly verified by Oracle (SQLPlus) login. This is not possible because the application user is not created on the Oracle level or by login on self-service. You first have to verify that the guest password is good (it should match DBC file entry). This script will verify that. It has been tested in 11.5.7 and

When running the following script, return Y password is correct. Otherwise change it to Using FNDCPASS.

Note: GUEST/ORACLE is defalt username/PASSWD

Sqlplus apps/apps
select fnd_web_sec.validate_login('GUEST','ORACLE') from dual;

Change applications user password: This example shows how to change sysadmin user password.

FNDCPASS apps/apps 0 Y system/manager USER   SYSADMIN  WELCOME

This was last published in January 2004

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