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Tracing an Oracle session by SID

Trace an Oracle session by SID.

This code accepts an Oracle session ID [SID] as a parameter and will show you what SQL statement is running in that session and what event the session is waiting for. You simply create a SQL file of the code and run it from the SQL prompt. This tip was written with a little help from Oracle Metalink.

set pause off
set pause 'Press Enter to continue.......'
break on sid skip 1
set feedback off
set verify OFF 
column sid format 99999
column sql_text form a500
prompt Please enter [Session ID] SID to trace.... 
accept p_sid_number 
prompt Showing running sql statements ...........................

column last_call_et heading "Last Called|Time"
Column event format a30
Column sid format 9999
Column session_cpu heading "CPU|used"
Column physical_reads heading "physical|reads"
Column consistent_gets heading "logical|reads"
Column seconds_in_wait heading "seconds|waiting"

select a.sid Current_SID, a.last_call_et ,b.sql_text 
from v$session a
,v$sqltext b
where a.sid = &p_sid_number
and a.username is not null
and a.status = 'ACTIVE'
and a.sql_address = b.address
order by a.last_call_et,a.sid,b.piece;

prompt Showing what sql statement is doing.....................

select a.sid, a.value session_cpu, c.physical_reads,
from v$sesstat a,v$statname b, v$sess_io c, v$session_wait d
where a.sid= &p_sid_number
and = 'CPU used by this session'
and a.statistic# = b.statistic#
and a.sid=c.sid
and a.sid=d.sid;

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