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Size of the database

Two ways to determine the size of your Oracle database.

There are at least two ways to determine the size of your Oracle database:

  1. Total size of datafiles that make up tablespaces of the database
  2. Total size of tables and indexes in the database

Method 1

This method sums the total size of datafiles in the DB. Details can be found in the views v$datafile and dba_data_files. This will give your the number of MB allocated to your database:

SELECT sum(bytes/1048576) 
FROM dba_data_files

Remember, a megabyte is not 1000000 bytes but 1024*1024 bytes.

Method 2

Sums the total of extents used for the database. It will not tell you if the extent is 10% or 90% full. Details are found in the dba_extent view.

SELECT sum(bytes/1048576)
FROM dba_extents;
This will give you the total number of MB used by your database.

Try both methods and see for yourself.

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This was last published in May 2002

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