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Select every nth record

This query will select every nth record in a table.

This is a query to select every nth record in a table. If there are 100 records in a table and you want to select...

every third record, then this is the query to use, although it is possible to achieve the same using PL/SQL. It has been tested on Oracle 8i Enterprise Edition.

select obj_name from 
 (select object_name obj_name, rownum 
 rnum from user_objects) where 

Reader Feedback

Geoff H. writes: That is a very clever use of MOD. Simple is best, as always.

Ashok C. writes: This query may bring up the nth record, but everytime you run the script it will not be consistent. The rownum is assigned in the order the data is fetched from the database. The order of data fetching from the database is not guaranteed.

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