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Oracle E-Business Suite 11i: Implementing core financial applications (Chapter 1)


Oracle E-Business Suite 11i: Implementing core financial applications will walk the reader through the process of the Oracle 11i upgrade/conversion and provide a tutorial path for navigating through financials. Its step-by-step guidance shortens the implementation process by providing the menu paths of the actual package and in-depth descriptions of how to use the screens as well as explanations of such user-friendly aspects as customizing the program for individual use.

This download is from introductory Chapter 1. To implement Oracle E-Business Suite 11i as efficiently and effectively as possible, each and every Oracle project team member needs to understand the concepts of a successful business system and a software project. The concepts shared in this chapter hold true for any software project regardless of whether the organization is implementing or upgrading Oracle E-Business Suite 11i. (Oct. 12, 2001)

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This was last published in May 2004

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