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Oracle Database 10g high availability with RAC, Flashback and Data Guard (Chapter 8)


This download is Chapter 8 of Oracle Database 10g high availability with RAC, Flashback and Data Guard, written by Matthew Hart and Scott Jesse, courtesy of McGraw-Hill/Osborne. Based on a "DBA-centric" approach to high availability, this book concentrates on explaining 10g technologies and practices to DBAs, covering general availability, real application clusters (RAC), disaster planning and recovery, and distributed database solutions. Hardware and application needs are also taken into account. While Oracle Database 10g is the main focus, many of the options discussed are available in earlier database releases. Organized to provide conceptual understanding of high availability, included are "HA workshops," step-by-step instructions to get you through certain implementations, plus real-world inspired case studies.

This chapter is entitled "Backup and recovery for high availability environments." It helps dispel the myth that backing up a database is not an HA technique -- that backups are the fallback when the database has already gone down, is unavailable, and there is no other choice but to wait for the files to restore from a backup location. Instead, it explains how to get the most from an RMAN backup strategy, and not just for recovery but for assisting with load balancing, maintaining uptime and minimizing downtime, as well as chipping in with RAC and DG maintenance.

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