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Oracle 9i R1 allows any user to access any table

A major security hole in Oracle 9i release 1.

This was posted on the forum ( and I have tried it on my test system and it is a real problem: Any user can access any table using 9i. Someone on the forum posted that there is a TAR 2121935 open stating that it will be fixed in 9iR2 and not in 9.0.x. I saw the tar the other day but now it appears that Oracle has pulled the TAR from metalink as I can't seem to find it anymore.

There is a very simple way for ANY user to read ANY table even if they don't have permission to read that table. Any user on the Oracle database could see a salary table, for example. First, connect to the database using any userid that does not have access to the dba_* tables.

SQL> connect scott / tiger

Try to select from the sys.dba_user table and you get an error. The error is that you don't have permission to see the table or read from it. This is what should happen.

SQL> select username from sys.dba_user
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00942: table or view does not

But if you run a left outer join query on the table, you can see all the contents. THIS IS A MAJOR BUG and opens up every table in the system to be viewed by anyone!

SQL> select a.username
from sys.dba_users a left outer join sys.dba_users b
on a.username = b.username;
8 rows selected.

UPDATE: Oracle now has released patch (with TAR 2121935) but not until there was public pressure on the forum. The bug was marked as "fixed in 9.0.2" back in December, 2001 so it's odd that for such a big hole Oracle support would not immediately patch it in 9iR1.

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