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Optimizing Oracle performance (Chapter 1)

Learn the basics of optimizing Oracle performance. This chapter download covers some of the root causes of performance issues, problems with commonly used tuning techniques, tools for analyzing response time and more.

This download is Chapter 1 of "Optimizing Oracle performance," written by Cary Millsap with Jeff Holt, and published by O'Reilly. Oracle DBAs and developers are all too familiar with the outlay of time and resources, blown budgets, missed deadlines, and marginally effective performance noodling that is commonplace with traditional methods of Oracle performance tuning. This crucial book clearly and concisely explains how to use Oracle's response time statistics to diagnose and repair performance problems, and shows how "queuing theory" can be applied to response time statistics to predict the impact of upgrades and other system changes. Most of the features described within the book are virtually independent of operating system, and most work equally well in Oracle releases from 7.0.12 through 9.2.0.

This introductory chapter, "Optimizing Oracle performance," discusses what you're doing wrong in performance tuning. It covers some of the root causes of performance issues, problems with commonly-used tuning techniques, requirements of a good method, advances in performance improvements, tools for analyzing response time, an overview of Method R -- a response time–based performance improvement method that yields maximum economic value -- evaluation of effectiveness and more.

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