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Monitor the import or export of an Oracle database

A script that will allow a DBA to see how many rows were imported or exported and is especially useful with big tables.

This script will allow an Oracle DBA to see how many rows were imported or exported and is especially useful with...

big tables. The import command should have one (or both) of these options:


In this case, open a SQL*PLUS window or use svrmgrl to see how many rows were imported:

  SELECT COUNT(*) from 


This select may take (very) long time to perform and so it should be used only for importing.

The second option is:


You will get a dot on the screen for every NNNN number of rows imported. The information is not very accurate but I consider it to be a very good solution when you need to have just an approximate idea of the import and to be certain that the import didn't hang. The value for NNNN is up to you. A small value will fill the screen with dots but will give you nice feedback. It works for both import and export.

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This was last published in September 2001

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Scripts i am afraid is not attached , can you please let me know the script.