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Missing rows in HTML table outprint

An ITKE member had questions about missing rows in his HTML table outprint, and fellow techies jumped in on the conversation and helped out.

An ITKnowledge Exchange (ITKE) member recently had a question about missing rows in his HTML output from Oracle 8i, and fellow techies jumped in on the conversation and helped out. Here is a portion of the conversation. Have your own admin, development or management questions? Register for ITKE and get answers from your fellow Oracle pros.

"Onilke" asked:
From Oracle 8i we produce a listing using Active Server Pages/ADO to create HTML tables that cover a two-digit number of pages in outprint. The table width is set to 99%. When we print directly from Web browser (IE 6.0; paper orientation landscape), there are columns missing far right, but even more important, there are rows missing in the outprint. It looks like every second page is not printed, although the page counter is continuous. If I order outprint of pages 1-4, I get 4 pages numbered from 1 to 4, but with rows that seem to belong to page 1, 3, 5 and 7. (I can copy the complete table into Excel and print from there without problems.)

The HTML source code seem quite normal. We are using color codes to visualize some status information, but this does not seem to create the problem -- if we neutralize the colors, the rows are still missing in the outprint. Have any of you encountered a similar problem? Any ideas of where to look for the explanation and solution?

"Aleccc" responded:
You could check that you aren't trying to print on both sides of your paper. When doing so, some printers print only odd pages or only even pages.

"Mcp111" responded:
If you do a print preview in IE, can you see all the data?

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