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Mike Ault's Oracle "good practices"

In this six-part tip, Mike Ault offers Oracle "good practices" in categories including the Oracle environment; backup, failover and disaster recovery; system security; design; coding; and performance management and tuning.

 Defining Oracle good practices is a difficult process. The problem is that there are always exceptions for each good practice. Indeed, each practice needs its own "IF" and "WHEN" clauses (the versions of both the operating system and the Oracle software are also of vital importance). My goal here is to list the Oracle good practices that I have found to be applicable in most situations. They break down into six categories:

  1. Oracle environment
  2. Oracle backup, failover and disaster recovery
  3. Oracle system security
  4. Oracle design practices
  5. Oracle coding practices
  6. Oracle performance management and tuning

I am sure that if you study all of these good practices (and apply them) you will have better designed, maintained and performing Oracle databases.

About the author

Mike Ault is an Oracle database specialist at Quest Software and a recognized Oracle expert with over 16 years' experience as an Oracle DBA and consultant in a variety of industries and companies. A prolific author, Mike has published over 20 Oracle-related books including Oracle Administration and Management, Oracle DBA OCP ExamCram and Oracle10g Grid and RAC. He is a regular contributor to trade publications including Oracle magazine, and frequently presents at major Oracle conferences such as IOUG.

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