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Managing rollback segments

Sizing rollback segments can be a difficult task, especially with new applications. Here are a few tips and a script to help out.

Sizing rollback segments can be a difficult task, especially with new applications. A good rule of thumb when sizing a rollback segments is to start by creating each rollback segment with a total rollback segment size at 10% of the largest table in the database. I like to start by splitting the rollback segments into 10 extents, and use "Maxextents Unlimited". You should use smaller extents sizes for OLTP databases, and larger segments in a batch environment. Use the OPTIMAL parameter to maintain a specific size for your rollback segments. If you are in a mixed environment (and who isn't these days), try to get the developers to use the "SET TRANSACTION USE ROLLBACK SEGMENT" command in to point at a specific rollback segment.

After taking your first guess at the rollback segment size, you need to monitor the rollback segments. The following query will give you statistics on your rollback segments. Increase the "Optimal" size in order to reduce the number of "Shrinks" and "Wraps".

col segment_name format a10 head 'Rollback|Segment'
col owner format a10 head 'Owner'
col tablespace_name format a15 head 'Tablespace|Name'
col init format 99999.99
col next format 99999.99
col opt format 99999.99
col extents format 999 head 'Ext'
col min_extents format 999 head 'Min|Ext'
col max_extents format 999 head 'Max|Ext'
col pct_increase format 999 head 'Max|Ext'
col status format A7 

  s.segment_id, s.segment_name, s.owner, s.tablespace_name,
  s.initial_extent/1024/1024 Init, s.next_extent/1024/1024 Next,
  v.optsize/1024/1024 Opt, v.extents, v.shrinks, v.wraps, s.min_extents,
  s.max_extents, s.pct_increase, s.status 
  sys.dba_rollback_segs s,
  v$rollstat v 
  v.usn = s.segment_id    
order by 1 ;

About the Author

James Giordano is an Oracle database administrator. He has been working with Oracle for about seven years, and also has experience with UNIX and PeopleSoft/Oracle financials.

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