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Manage archive redo log files

Here is an Oracle script to use on AIX to manage archive redo log files.

Here is a simple script that I use on AIX to manage archive redo log files. This will create a empty tar file, and loop through the available arch log files appending to the tar. Once complete, the tar is compressed.


###part 1: Daily arch log compressed tar
#create the daily tar file
DATE=`date +'%Y%m%d_%H%M%S'`
cd /dir1/dir2
tar cvf arch${DATE}.tar

#loop through arch log files from last 24 hours (current timedate - 24 hours)
find . -name "a*.log" -ctime +1 | while read FN
  #add last 24 hours files to tar archive file
  tar uvf arch${DATE}.tar ${FN}
  rm ${FN}

#compress tar file
gzip arch${DATE}.tar

Reader Feedback

Robert H. writes: The command

tar cvf arch${DATE}.tar

does not work in tru64 Unix. To tar something, I usually type it like this:

tar cvf arch${DATE}.tar things_to_tar

Madhukar Y. writes: I have a slight correction to this tip. To get all the archived log files from the last 24 hours, the syntax has to be

find . -name "a*.log" -ctime -1 | while read FN

instead of

find . -name "a*.log" -ctime +1 | while read FN

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