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Guide to Oracle freeware and shareware

This list of free and low-cost tools and utilities will help Oracle DBAs and developers do your job better.

Can't get something for nothing? We beg to differ!

We've gathered a number of free and low-cost tools and utilities that will help you Oracle DBAs and developers do your job better. Have you come across any other freeware, shareware or inexpensive tools (less than $100) that I don't have listed here? Shoot me an email and I'll add it to the library. Don't forget to bookmark this page as it will be updated frequently.

   Database administration
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  Database administration
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  • Freeware: Adept: Automatically back up most Oracle databases to local storage.

  • Shareware: ADO Explorer: Connects to any database using ADO and allows you to explore database structure, design scripts and SQL queries, and more.

  • Shareware: Advanced Query Tool: A fast database query utility and administration toolset that works with any ODBC database.

  • Shareware: AllDb: Implement any ADO.NET-supported database using a single set of source code.

  • Shareware: ASP.NET Maker: Create a full set of ASP.NET programs from your data source.

  • Freeware: Data Loader: Load data directly into an Oracle database.

  • Shareware: Database Genius: Create and execute SQL queries, format the results to create reports, and export to HTML, TXT, and other file formats.

  • Shareware: Database Tour: Manage your database with a variety of functions, including viewing, editing, printing, and creating reports.

  • Shareware: DataXplorer: Browse, edit, and print your database data.

  • Shareware: DBAny 1.0: Manage your database data with one client program rather than many.

  • Shareware: DBAToolZ: FusionCode (a monitoring solution) and SQL Directory (a script management utility).

  • Freeware: DBComp: A database comparison and merge application.

  • Shareware: Database Browser Plus: Updates Web pages with current local database data, exports Word tables to database tables, and more.

  • Shareware: DBQwikEdit Pro: Connects to any database to edit, move, and export data, generate web pages, create SQL, and more.

  • Shareware: DBUptime: Monitor up to four databases simultaneously with this graphical ODBC tool. Receive alert and recovery notices via e-mail.

  • Shareware: dbXpert for Oracle: Development and administration tool that includes a SQL workspace, object and data browsers, PL/SQL debugger, and more.

  • Shareware: DTM Data Generator: A customizable, utility that generates data for database testing purposes.

  • Shareware: DTM Tools: Multipurpose database tools, including SQL editor, schema reporter, data generator, data editor, stress tester, and more.

  • Freeware: FastOra: View, compare, modify, and save snapshots of Oracle database structures.

  • Shareware: Forms Tool Kit: Search and edit your Oracle forms application.

  • Shareware: GALtoDB 2.0: Copies information from a Microsoft Exchange Server Global Address List (GAL) to a database.

  • Shareware: GeniusConnect: Synchronize your Microsoft Outlook contact data with any relational database.

  • Shareware: Granger Unload: A Windows Oracle GUI unloader that can submit unload jobs to background. It can handle Oracle LONGs,LONG RAWs, CLOBs and BLOBs.

  • Shareware: GUDU Oracle utilities: EasyScript, EasyDump, EasySQLChecker, Oracle Session Manager, and EasyDBV.

  • Shareware: Javvin Easy Service Monitor: Keep an eye on your network devices and services, including database servers.

  • Shareware: JFin: Status monitor for Oracle Financials

  • Shareware: Material Dreams Oracle utilities: Shared Pool Profiler, Table Exporter, Session Manager, PL/SQL Trace, and Password Changer.

  • Shareware: ISMAM: Manage your files from any computer that is connected to the Net.

  • Shareware: Oracle Security Check: Test your user names and passwords.

  • Shareware: Oracle Session Manager: This tool monitors how connected sessions use database instance resources in real time.

  • Shareware: OraSnap: A collection of Oracle performance scripts with Web-based output.

  • Freeware: QuickLoad: Utility to load Excel files to database (MySQL/Oracle) with automatic creation of tables and columns. Supports batch processing of multiple files.

  • Shareware: RRDORA: A set of UNIX shell scripts for Oracle.

  • Shareware: RepTool" Light: Generate reports from any type of database.

  • Freeware: ReportXpert: Acquire different reports for Oracle database performance and statistics.

  • Freeware: SafetyNet Lite for Oracle: Back up and export your database on a regular basis.

  • Shareware: Schema graphical editor: A Web-oriented application for editing and analyzing database schemas.

  • Freeware: SchemaSurf: A browser-based tool for querying your Oracle database schemas.

  • Freeware: Schemester: Database modeling tool for Oracle: create logical entity relationship diagrams and generate DDL scripts.

  • Freeware: SqlSpec: SqlSpec generates documentation of the objects in your Oacle, SQL Server or other database. The trial version is free.

  • Freeware: Statspack Viewer: GUI that helps you visualize Oracle's STATSPACK utility output.

  • Freeware: SwisSQL: Helps you migrate Oracle PL/SQL Packages, Procedures, Functions and Triggers to Microsoft SQL Server Transact-SQL.

  • Freeware: The DDL Extract Wizard: Reads an Oracle export file and displays the DDL code.

  • Shareware: Universal Table Browser: GUI query tool that gives you access to your database using ODBC connections.

  • Shareware: VROOM: Cross-platform GUI performance monitor for Oracle databases.



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  • Shareware: ADO.NET Express Pro: Add-in for Visual Studio 2003 that generates class methods for calling stored procedures and executing common types of SQL statements.

  • Freeware: Aqua Data Studio: Create, edit, and execute SQL scripts, as well as browse and visually modify database structures.

  • Freeware: CAST Code-Checker: Detect and analyze specific performance, portability and quality issues in the PL/SQL or Java code of your applications.

  • Shareware: CGIScripter: Write Perl CGI scripts for MySQL, Oracle, Access, and other database servers instantly.

  • Freeware: CuteSQL: Execute SQL commands and queries for any database.

  • Shareware: Database Design Studio Lite: Create ERD models, SQL scripts and Java source for forward engineering of relational databases.

  • Shareware: dbSaint: Build and tune SQL and PL/SQL packages, procedures, triggers, functions, and objects.

  • Shareware: DBScheduler: Quickly create HTML, ASCII or CSV formatted reports off your databases, and/or schedule them to automatically run at any time.

  • Shareware: DBSearch: This tool takes away the hassle of finding things in any database, and disregarding structural boundaries. DBSearch finds the string you are looking for in your database.

  • Shareware: DBScripter for Oracle: A database utility that creates a script from any Oracle database's data, objects and/or source.

  • Shareware: DBSchemaExplorer:Easily browsing through multiple databases at a time.

  • Shareware: DBX Commander: A database manipulation, query, and reporting tool. It directly supports all major databases and through the ODBC protocol, many more.

  • Shareware: ERCreator: An affordable Entity Relationship Diagram tool for ERD data modeling and database design.

  • Shareware: FlexTracer: Debug program calls to functions located in dynamic-link-libraries —- from Windows API to Oracle Call Interface.

  • Shareware: FormsMate: Utilities to make developing Forms applications easier and faster.

  • Freeware: iSQL-Viewer: An open-source JDBC-compliant database front-end written in Java, including a query builder, object viewer, batch processor and more.

  • Freeware: JBSQL: Enhanced SQL*Plus editor with improved output, text editing, and command history.

  • Freeware: JDBExplorer: Create, view, edit, and compile PL/SQL and Java code.

  • Shareware: JSPMaker: Create a full set of JavaServer Pages directly from MySQL or Oracle.

  • Shareware: IAB Studio: Develop and deploy J2EE-based Internet applications.

  • Shareware: Lattice.SPGen: Develop database-stored procedures for Oracle and SQL Server.

  • Shareware: Multiple Database Query Analyzer: Run queries in SQL Server, Access, Oracle, and MySQL databases.

  • Freeware:MyGeneration: Generate C# and VB.Net classes and stored procedures from customizable templates.

  • Shareware: Oracle Data Access for C++ Builder: Provide your applications with a direct access to Oracle databases.

  • Shareware: Oracle Data Access Components for Delphi: Access Oracle RDBMS with these Delphi components.

  • Shareware: OraDirect .NET Data Provider: Access an Oracle database server for the Microsoft .NET Framework.

  • Freeware: OracleTool: Edit, modify, create and drop all types of objects; compare schemas and data; PL/SQL editor.

  • Freeware:OraEdit: Edit and compile your PL/SQL code, create new objects from templates, export all/some source, and more.

  • Shareware: OraPowerTools: OraEdit (a PL/SQL development environment), DBDiff (compare and upgrade any two Oracle databases), and DBScripter (create SQL scripts from Oracle objects or data).

  • Freeware: Query Reporter: Create and run HTML reports from the results of a SQL query against an Oracle database.

  • Shareware: QueryToDoc: Document your Oracle database by translating its schemas into an easy-to-read Microsoft Word document.

  • Shareware: SDE for JDeveloper : A UML CASE tool/plug-in that allows you to draw all types of UML diagrams, generate Java code, reverse engineer Java code to class diagrams and generate documentation.

  • Shareware: SQLConsole: A visual query builder, with SQL authoring, connection manager, intelligent auto-complete or keywords and context sensitive editing.

  • Freeware: Statement Tracer for Oracle: Tool for debugging programs interfacing with Oracle.

  • Freeware: SQLCreator: A Java-based graphical SQL database query and development tool.

  • Shareware: SqlFree: Build SQL statements visually with this program.

  • Shareware: SQL Query Tool (ODBC): Query ODBC data sources, author SQL scripts, and retrieve ODBC driver information.

  • Shareware: SQL Script Builder: Create SQL scripts from any ODBC data source.

  • Shareware: SQL Tools: PL/SQL editor, compiler, and object viewer.

  • Shareware: SQL*XL: Bridge between Excel and Oracle databases.

  • Freeware: TOAD: Toad improves productivity with all the functionality needed to build and execute queries, create and modify database objects, and develop and debug SQL and PL/SQL code.

  • Freeware: TranslateSQL: Generates SQL Server SQL scripts based on an existing Oracle schema, in essence 'translating' Oracle schemas into SQL Server databases.

  • Freeware: TSHSQL: A Java-based PL/SQL editor and SQL query tool.

  • Shareware: Universal SQL Query Tool: Build queries to connect and manage virtually any database via ODBC.

  • Shareware: WebExpress: Create Web sites, Web pages and design database-driven Web forms without programming or editing HTML.

  • Shareware: <XSLmaker>: Add, delete, edit, view, and search data in a database on the Web and create dynamic, XML/XSLT-based Web sites.



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