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Find out about TEMP/SORT area usage

This script will give you an idea about the existing usage of the TEMP/SORT area.

This script will give you an idea about the existing usage of the TEMP/SORT area. If you are frequently getting outputs for the following SQL, you have a shortage of sort area in memory or you need to fine tune application SQL. To increase sort area, increase the 'sort_area_size' parameter in init.ora file.


 set pagesize 10000 set linesize 133 column tablespace format a15 heading 'Tablespace Name' column segfile# format 9,999 heading 'File|ID' column segblk# format 999,999,999 heading 'Block|ID' column blocks format 999,999,999 heading 'Blocks' column username format a15 select b.tablespace, b.segfile#, b.segblk#, b.blocks, a.sid, a.serial#, a.username, a.osuser, a.status from v$session a, v$sort_usage b where a.saddr = b.session_addr order by b.tablespace,b.segfile#,b.segblk#,b.blocks;


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This was last published in July 2003

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