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Enable all disabled constraints

Here's an Oracle script that enables all disabled constraints.

The following creates the script enable_cons.sql that enables all disabled constraints. It must be run by Oracle...

user SYSTEM. It has been tested on Oracle 7.3 onwards.

set pages 0
set lines 132
set timing off
spool enable_cons.sql
select 'alter table',owner||'.'||table_name,'enable constraint',CONSTRAINT_NAME,';'
from all_constraints
where status='DISABLED';
spool off

Reader Feedback

Paul B. writes: This script has an error in the select statement. It should be:

select 'alter table '||owner||'.'||table_name||' enable constraint '||CONSTRAINT_NAME||';'
from all_constraints
where status='DISABLED';

Martin C. writes: This process could be costly as it will create the indexes from the constraints in the default tablespace of the owner of the table.

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