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Effective Oracle by design (Chapter 7)

This download is Chapter 7 of "Effective Oracle by Design," written by Thomas Kyte and published by McGraw-Hill/Osborne.

This download is Chapter 7 of Effective Oracle by design, written by Thomas Kyte and published by McGraw-Hill/Osborne. Oracle guru Tom Kyte has written the definitive guide to designing and building high-performance, scalable Oracle applications. Providing detailed code examples throughout, Tom teaches proactive and efficient methods to develop and tune Oracle applications that fully exploit the database. You'll learn how to maximize the built-in functionality of the tools you're using in order to achieve the best results possible.

This chapter is entitled "Effective schema design." Your application will live and die based on its physical implementation. Choose the wrong data structures, and performance will be crippled and flexibility limited. Choose the correct data structures, and you could have great performance. This chapter looks at some of the things you need to consider when designing your schema. It will then focus on table types, some useful index types, and finally, compression.

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