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Dynamically change NLS_LANG

Here is a simple way to open SQL*Plus windows in two databases, without the need to use the registry to change NLS_LANG.

When there are databases with different nls_lang, you need to change your registry parameters when switching between...

DBs. Here is a simple way to open a SQL*Plus window to a database with a particular nls_lang without the need to change the registry.

Create a batch file on your desktop for every database with the name SID.bat, and type in these commands:

Example I:
# this is an example for using sql plus on UTF8 db from a client

o:orawin95binplus80w.exe ps8/ps8@ps8dvlp

Example II:
# this is an example for using sql plus on WE8ISO8859P1 db from a client

o:orawin95binplus80w.exe ps8/ps8@ps8dvlp

and so on.

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This was last published in May 2002

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