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Domain-specific Oracle master data management

Oracle master data management products are starting to merge various data management hubs, which is a help in particular vertical industries.

Oracle Corp. has four different packages to address a customer's data management needs -- Oracle Customer Data Hub (CDH), Siebel Universal Customer Master Hub (UCM), Mural Customer MDM and Fusion Customer Hub. To mitigate the confusion regarding these seemingly competitive offerings, the vendor has started to offer Oracle master data management (MDM) as part of a domain-specific reference architecture.

The key innovation theme in the customer data domain shows the Health Insurance Exchange hub and the use of customer hubs within the Oracle airline industry reference architecture. Let us take a deep dive into these domain-based Oracle MDM packages.

Oracle master data management for the airline industry
Airline industry applications must comply with the regulatory standards defined by International Air Transport Association (IATA) for all integration touch points. But if all airlines have to maintain their systems in similar data content and format, then how will they compete? Well, the answer is simple -- by understanding their customers' (passengers') experience.

Oracle has helped to improve customer experience management (CEM) by coming up with an industry-specific passenger data model based on the Oracle Airlines Data Model (OADM). The customer hub helps achieve the common view of a passenger from various internal and external systems. The customer hub then gives a domain-specific (airline) flavor to the software. The Oracle Customer Hub (OCH) application provides the following functionalities with OADM.

  • Passenger records sync up between OCH and OADM.
  • Passenger (organization traveller and group traveller) hierarchy sync up between OCH and OADM.
  • Passenger profile creation uses a set of identifying keys (passenger name record (PNR) data elements and first name, last name and IP address. Airlines can uniquely identify the passenger using wave matching logic that is proprietary to them within the OCH hub.

Oracle's reference architecture for the airline industry cuts across the customer experience tier (touch point), application tier (internal core application) and the airline industry data model using the Oracle customer hub as the data federation engine. The current application from which passenger data is captured is the Global Distribution Systems (GDS), Passenger Service Systems (PSS) and externally hosted loyalty management, all of which are typical intermediaries in the airline value chain.

Oracle master data management for the health insurance industry
Oracle has an Oracle Blueprint and Roadmap Service for Health and Human Services architecture, in which the Oracle customer hub plays a major role. OCH helps resolve the following functionalities in reference architecture with the health exchange hub:

  1. Arriving at a common citizen identifier that's used to understand one's personal preference and health-related details.
  2. Arriving at a relationship between the beneficiary organization and the citizen. It includes a mechanism to integrate the citizen data between multiple intermediaries and a government organization system that adheres to regulatory requirements, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and security requirements driven by Federal Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Internal Revenue Service, and National Institute of Standards and Technology standards for Electronic Data Interexchange.

Oracle's reference architecture for Health Exchange and Human Services cuts across worker, citizen, provider and employee automation touch points. It has a detailed Oracle customer hub that helps integrate the common single window presentation tier with the application tier to make the overall citizen experience better and seamless.

Domain-based Oracle master data management extends package-based sales to various industries that are untapped. Oracle seems to be shaking up the market space by providing clarity on the fitment of the customer hub within various reference architectures and trying to address the business process harmonization or process alignment rather than selling the packages based on technical features.

Jairaj Asok Kumar is a principal consultant in the consulting and systems integration practice of Infosys Ltd. He has over 13 years of experience in leading the delivery of information management to customers.

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