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Defragmenting tablespaces

Two scripts that will defragment temporary and all tablespaces.

DBAs often run into problems defragmenting tablespaces, especially the temporary tablespace. Here is way to do...

it efficiently:

alter tablespace 
   default storage (pctincrease 1) ;             
alter tablespace TEMPORARY coalesce ;                              
alter tablespace 
    default storage (pctincrease 0) ;             


You should now experience a dramatic improvement. You can do the same for other tablespaces as well. If you want to do the same for all tablespaces, here is a script which will create a dynamic script to create the sql scripts and then run it:

connect system/manager@dbname 

set head off 
set feed off 

spo do_coal 

select 'alter tablespace '|| tablespace_name || ' default storage (pctincrease 1) ;' 
  from dba_tablespaces 

select 'alter tablespace '|| tablespace_name || ' coalesce ;' 
  from dba_tablespaces 

select 'alter tablespace '|| tablespace_name || ' default storage (pctincrease 0) ;' 
  from dba_tablespaces 

set head on 
set feed on 

spo off 

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This was last published in October 2001

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