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Crystal Reports 9 on Oracle (Chapter 3)


Crystal Reports 9 on Oracle will help you explore connectivity options, then delve into optimization methods that can be implemented in the Crystal environment, including the use of SQL expressions and SQL commands. Coverage includes an execution plan, optimization of indexes and reduction of parsing, and Oracle-specific features such as external tables, heterogeneous connectivity and Oracle Flashback. Common difficulties when using Oracle are described, and solutions provided.

This download is "Chapter 3: Oracle SQL." It covers Oracle SQL basics as they relate to Crystal Reports. A generic knowledge of the SQL SELECT statement is assumed and only Oracle-specific, new to 9i, or otherwise uncommon options are discussed in any detail. New join options available in Oracle9i are also covered. The SELECT list, FROM clause, WHERE clause, ORDER BY clause, and GROUP BY clause are explained, and how they are generated from Crystal Reports is shown. Oracle operators, comparison conditions and aggregation functions are covered, and working with Oracle dates, strings and numbers is described. Commonly-used Oracle-specific functions and pseudo columns are covered, and the use of subqueries will also be discussed.

Published by McGraw-Hill Osborne Media in September 2003.

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This was last published in May 2004

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