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Complete guide to becoming an Oracle database administrator

This three-part tip series is your complete guide to becoming an Oracle database administrator (DBA), from building your resume, acing the job interview and getting certifications to climbing the ranks to star DBA.

This three-part tip series is your complete guide to becoming an Oracle database administrator (DBA), from writing a killer resume and cover letter, acing the job interview and getting Oracle certifications to climbing the ranks of your organization to star DBA.

Acing the DBA job interview: Getting back to basics: DBAs are once again in high demand -- but this doesn't mean that all you have to do is submit your resume and wait for an offer. You still need to follow some basic business principles for landing that next job. Over his 20-year career, Michael Hillenbrand has hired and managed well over 50 DBAs and interviewed or at least evaluated the resumes of thousands of candidates. Read his expert advice on the basics of the interview process and what most hiring managers are looking for in a candidate.

DBA 102: Beyond the basics: The first article covers how to get a good job as a DBA; the objective of this article is to concentrate on what to do after you get the job. With the constant pressure to reduce IT costs, DBAs can no longer afford to be viewed as cost center overhead. Instead, DBAs must strive to be recognized and prove their value to the organization. Learn both the technical (hard) and non-technical (soft) skills you will need to survive as a DBA, as well as advice on how to deal with management and ensure job security by consistently adding bottom-line value.

The power of Oracle certification: The final article in the our career series concentrates on the benefits of Oracle DBA certifications. Learn why whether or not to get certified is such a widely debated topic among database administrators and managers and how to weigh the costs and benefits of getting Oracle certification. Hillenbrand goes over the differences between OCA, OCP and OCM certifications, good and bad reasons for getting certified and more.

About the author

Michael Hillenbrand directs and manages the AES Select Outsourcing group at Access Enterprise Solutions. As director, Michael is responsible for defining processes and procedures, assisting with sales and marketing efforts, defining and governing service levels, and ensuring continued quality and success for AES Select customers.

Michael began his career as a DBA with US Steel then moved on to manage the corporate Oracle DBA team at Alcoa. For the last 10 years Michael has been leading remote support efforts. Having been in a leadership role throughout most of his 20+ year career, Michael has hired and managed over 50 DBAs and supported well over 100 clients. Michael's specialties include best practices (ITIL Foundations Certified), quality improvement and daily operations. Michael also has a strong background in database support, including Oracle (OCP Certified), SQL Server and DB2.

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