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Compile all invalid objects including those with syntax errors

With this script, you can see not just invalid objects, but also those with syntax errors.

Here's how to compile all invalid objects, including these with syntax errors. It can by used for specific schemas or for whole databases.

In comparision with utlrp.sql you can:

  • specify the schema (user) in the statement ""
  • see not just invalid objects, but also those with syntax errors

It can be used for development of specific schema, to simultaneously check for syntax errors and invalid objects. It was tested on Oracle 8.1.7.

select o.obj#, 
       'ALTER '                              || 
        decode (o.type#,   4, 'VIEW '     , 
                           7, 'PROCEDURE ', 
                           8, 'FUNCTION ' , 
                           9, 'PACKAGE '  , 
                          11, 'PACKAGE '  , 
                          12, 'TRIGGER '  , 
                          13, 'TYPE '     , 
                          14, 'TYPE '     , 
                                ' ')         || 
       '"'                                   ||                                || 
       '"."'                                 ||                                || 
       '" COMPILE '                          || 
       decode (o.type#,    9, 'SPECIFICATION', 
                          11, 'BODY', 
                          13, 'SPECIFICATION', 
                          14, 'BODY', 
                                ' ')         || 
       ';'     as COMPILE 
from  sys.obj$  o, 
      sys.user$ u 
where u.user# = o.owner# 
  and o.remoteowner is NULL 
  and o.status in (3,4,5,6)                     -- 3: possible syntax error 
  and o.type# in (4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14)   
  and = 'WRITE_YOUR_SCHEMA_HERE'         -- your schema 
order by o.obj#


Reader Feedback

John L. writes: Unless I am missing something, the title is misleading. I do not see anything in the code that would allow you to compile an invalid object that has a syntax error.


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