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Check the status of Oracle processes

This script correlates the operating system process with the Oracle process.

I generally run this script before shutting down the database to find out what the users are doing. It also gives the serial id -- the serial number neccessary to kill the session if needed. It correlates the operating system process with the Oracle process. You'll also be able to see the most current SQL run by that process. Therefore, if you find an OS process is consuming significant resources in a monitoring tool like top, you can run this SQL, correlate the OS process to the Oracle session identifier and see the most recent SQL executed. The script has been tested on 8.1.5.

SELECT pr.username "O/S Id",
       ss.username "Oracle User Id",
       ss.status "status",
       ss.sid "Session Id",
       ss.serial# "Serial No",
       lpad(pr.spid,7) "Process Id",
       substr(sqa.sql_text,1,540) "Sql Text"
  FROM v$process pr, v$session ss, v$sqlarea sqa
 WHERE pr.addr=ss.paddr
   AND ss.username is not null
   AND ss.sql_address=sqa.address(+)
   AND ss.sql_hash_value=sqa.hash_value(+)
ORDER BY 1,2,7

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