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An aggregate product function

Oracle SQL query to multiply aggregate values.

Assume you have a table of a bill of materials (BOM):

BOM(ItemId, ParentItemId, Name, QtyPerParent)

Let's say that you need to get a count of child items to produce some root item. For this reason you need to multiply all QtyPerParent values in the production chain. Note that all ItemId's are unique. Here is the select:

select exp(sum(ln(QtyPerParent)))
from (
select ItemId, QtyPerParent
from BOM
starting with ItemId = p_ChldItem
connect by prior ParentItemId = ItemId
select ItemId, QtyPerParent
from BOM
starting with ItemId = p_RootItem
connect by prior ParentItemId = ItemId)

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This was last published in July 2002

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