The top 10 Eye on Oracle blog posts of 2008

As the year comes to a close,'s Eye on Oracle blog takes a look back at our top 10 blog posts of 2008.


In 2008, Oracle came head to head with SAP, promoted the new features of its 11g database and made some big announcements at the OpenWorld and Collaborate conferences.'s Eye on Oracle blog was here to cover all of these hot topics and more. As the year comes to a close, let's take a look back at our top 10 blog posts of 2008.


  Top 10 Eye on Oracle blog posts of 2008  

10.Are some Oracle DBA best practices not?: You've most likely never questioned a best practice- - after all, it's a best practice. It's what the experts have told you, what Oracle has told you, and what you've read in the manuals and documentation. But according to Arup Nanda, lead DBA at Starwood Hotels and Resorts, that doesn't mean much. In this post, read what Nanda said at OpenWorld about some best practices that may be "questionable, misleading or downright wrong."

9. Eating a whale sandwich — a real-life Fusion roadmap: Floyd Teter of the Jet Propulsion Lab gives a humorous presentation at Collaborate '08 discussing his approach for preparing for Fusion applications.

8. Will on demand stay in demand?: What's the outlook of the Software as a Service (SaaS) business within the next two years? According to Lawson Software CEO Harry Debes, "the industry will collapse."

7. OpenWorld: A big week for Oracle or much ado about nothing?: At this year's Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle announced its entrance into the appliance market with the Exadata product line, revealed Beehive, its new collaborative platform, and gave other updates on Oracle E-Business Suite, Siebel, cloud computing, partnerships and more. While this news excited some, others -- like blogger Thomas Wailgum, who called OpenWorld a "SnoozeFest" -- just didn't see what the big deal was.

6. Phillips slams SAP, brags about databases at Collaborate '08: Oracle may not be done yet. In his opening keynote address at Collaborate '08 in Denver, Oracle president Charles Phillips outlined Oracle's strategy to dominate the database, middleware and applications markets.

5. Has Oracle misled us about 11g?: Is Oracle 11g not yet as successful as we may have been led to believe? According to Pythian Group CEO Paul Vallee, the answer is yes. Vallee claims his research shows that Oracle 11g is being adopted at slower rates than earlier Oracle databases - and Oracle Corp. will neither comment nor provide numbers showing otherwise.

4. The Oracle security debate: The question, To what do you attribute problems with Oracle security? made a small stir in the blogosphere, and not everyone can agree on an answer.

3. Oracle vs. SAP revisited: Much of the Oracle vs. SAP talk we've heard recently has centered on the $1 billion lawsuit filed by Oracle against SAP. But what about the Oracle vs. SAP battle outside the courtroom?

2. Oracle certifications: More than a piece of paper?: How much is your Oracle certification worth? It's a question that's been asked many times, but for now, we seem to have an answer: Not as much (numerically, at least) as it once was.

1. My top five Oracle 11g features: Oracle's 11g database has received some less-than-stellar press, but the new database does have plenty of new tools. And while they may be costly and time-consuming at first, many users are finding these features very valuable. So, you ask…what are they?

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