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The Oracle Guru Answer #2

The Oracle Guru Answer #2

Were you correct? This week's answer is:
b. 2NF

When designing a table, the second normal form (2NF) is the level of normalization where each column in a table that is not a determiner of the contents of another column must itself be a function of the other columns in the table. At 2NF, modifications are still possible because a change to one row in a table may affect data that refers to this information from another table.

Normalization degrees of relational database tables have been defined and also include:

  • The first normal form (1NF) is the "basic" level of normalization and generally corresponds to the definition of any database.

  • The third normal form (3NF), is the level where tables would be divided into two so that specific information could be tracked separately.

  • The domain/key normal form (DKNF) enables you to enforce key and domain restrictions, so the database is assured of being freed from modification anomalies.
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