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Lessons Learned Quiz #1: Performance tuning

Now that the first Lessons Learned series is complete, try your hand at this short quiz on performance tuning.

Our first Lessons Learned series is complete. Now try your hand at this short quiz on performance tuning. The link following each multiple choice question will take you to the answer in Lessons Learned. Good luck!

Question #1

This is the most important measure in dealing with performance issues.

a. CPU
b. availability
c. throughput
d. response time

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Question #2

This phase of Oracle tuning is directed at looking for resource shortages in the db_block_buffers, shared_pool_size and sort_area_size.

a. instance tuning
b. object tuning
c. SQL tuning
d. space management

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Question #3

This parameter lets you tune optimizer behavior for access path selection to be more or less index friendly, that is, to make the optimizer more or less prone to selecting an index access path over a full table scan. The default makes full table scan and index use equal.

a. optimizer_index_caching
b. optimizer_index_cost_adj
c. optimizer_mode
d. parallel_automatic_tuning

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Question #4

This RAID configuration stripes data across multiple volumes. One volume is devoted to "parity bits." The bits are used to reconstruct data should you lose a data volume.

a. RAID 1
b. RAID 0+1
c. RAID 3
d. RAID 5

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Question #5

This tool in Oracle10g defaults to a collection interval every 30 minutes and collects data that is the foundation for all of the other self-tuning features. It is very much like STATSPACK, especially the level-5 STATSPACK collection mechanism where top SQL is collected every hour, based on your rolling thresholds for high-use SQL.

a. Automatic Maintenance Tasks (AMT)
b. Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)
c. Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)
d. Automatic Storage Management (ASM)

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This was last published in June 2004

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