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Know-IT-all Chapter Quiz #1: Oracle9i Web development

How much do you know about Oracle9i Web development? We challenge you to test your skills by taking our first Know-IT-all Chapter Quiz.

How much do you know about Oracle9i Web development? We challenge you to test your skills by taking our first Know-IT-all Chapter Quiz. Share the results with us and get a chance to win a copy of "Oracle9i Web development" by Bradley Brown, courtesy of McGraw-Hill. NOTE: This prize drawing is now closed -- congratulations to book giveaway winners Nick G. and Pam D.!

All answers to this quiz are found in the chapter download, "Chapter 3: iAS configuration and tuning". Good luck!

How to take the quiz:
- After reading the question, note the letter of your answer. Check your answers by clicking the link to the answer key at the end of the quiz.

To read more about a topic, open the chapter and locate the indicated page after each answer.

1. Oracle iAS is based on what Web server?

A. Microsoft's Internet Information Server
B. Novell's Web Server
C. Apache
D. IBM's Lotus Domino servers

2. Fill in the blank: If you plan to put a listener on a port other than 80 or 443, you should use a number of at least ______, so you don't conflict with industry standard port numbers.

A. 100
B. 1024
C. 4443
D. 8007

3. This is the most important and driving configuration file in iAS. It is located in the $ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/conf directory and contains directives for the Web sites and the behavior of iAS.

A. httpd.conf
B. jserv.conf
C. plsql. conf
D. 6iserver.conf

4. iAS directives are scoped into three tiers. This level is a commonly used directive to notify iAS about what directories that are accessible to the Web site visitors.

A. main
B. server
C. container
D. per-directory

5. This powerful addition to the Apache Web server gives complete manipulation and flexibility over solving URL issues, but this flexibility comes at a cost in complexity and performance. You can use this to redirect obsolete URLs to new URLs, redirect failing URLs to another Web server, fix syntax issues like the trailing slash, restrict access to robots, and mitigate content issues.

A. VirtualHost Directive
B. mod_rewrite
C. Comanche
D. ErrorLog

6. These descriptors contain the information needed by iAS components to connect to Oracle databases. They can be used by any component that supports configurable database access.

A. Application parameter descriptors
B. Database access descriptors
C. Application row descriptors
D. Implementation parameter descriptors

7. True or false: Use Deny before Allow to provide higher levels of security in iAS?

A. True
B. False

8. Fill in the blank: To tune PL/SQL applications and PSPs, build your applications in a way that reduces the load on the database server and performs fast ____________.

A. connection caching
B. load balancing
C. data manipulation language
D. connection pooling

9. This type of connection is one in which the JDBC client borrows the physical connection and returns the physical connection when it closes the logical connection.

A. physical connection
B. schema
C. pooled connection
D. logical connection

10. Fill in the blank: iAS generates new processes over time. You should set up each iAS machine with ______ times as much swap space as physical memory.

A. two
B. three
C. five
D. ten


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