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What managers should consider when starting a database scaling project

Learn about database scaling from Oracle consultant Don Burleson, who discusses the goals, costs and challenges of scaling an Oracle database in this podcast.

Properly scaling a mission critical database can significantly improve an IT shop's overall efficiency. Before you begin however, several important items must be crossed off your project's checklist. In this podcast, Don Burleson, well-known Oracle consultant, discusses what should and shouldn't be on that checklist including some of the common mistakes managers make at the beginning of an Oracle database scaling project, what IT shops should focus on as their top two or three goals and the challenges of database scaling when it involves business intelligence and decision support. Other issues discussed include:

  • The best way to balance human and technology costs
  • Deciding between outside consultants and Oracle's support organization
  • When to take a scale out instead of a scale up approach
  • Improvements in Oracle 11g that help better scale your database

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What managers should consider when starting a database scaling project
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About the speaker: Don Burleson, CEO of Burleson Consulting, has been in and around IT for 30 years. As a corporate database consultant he has worked with a number of Fortune 500 corporations creating database architectures for mission-critical applications. As an expert on Oracle web technology, Burleson also played a central role in developing web-based systems capable of supporting thousands of users. He wrote the "Officially Authorized by Oracle Corporation" books on Oracle Unix Administration, Oracle Tuning, Oracle SQL Tuning and Oracle Application Server Administration.

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