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  Oracle Application Integration Architecture: Where it is going?
Learn more about Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA) in this podcast, including what current users think of the technology.

  IOUG on 2009 Collaborate conference: what's hot, what's not talks with IOUG president Ian Abramson about what to expect at the 2009 Collaborate conference, the annual conference for Oracle applications and technology users.

  Exadata: A first look at Oracle's entry into the appliance market
Software analyst Curt Monash discusses the new Oracle Exadata product line, which includes the Oracle Exadata Storage Server and HP Oracle Database Machine.

  Forrester outlines database security trends in 2009
Noel Yuhanna of Forrester Research discusses Forrester's new database security report, which reveals recent trends in database security.

  Customizing reports in Oracle CRM On Demand
Michael Lairson, author of Oracle CRM on Demand Reporting, shares tips for using the reporting feature, such as optimizing report performance and solving common reporting problems.

  New OAUG chief riffs on Fusion, Exadata and recession planning talks with Raymond Payne from the OAUG about his views on Fusion applications and his advice on everything from Exadata to surviving a recession.

  IOUG chief discusses OpenWorld, DBA pay and security
SearchOracle talks with Ian Abramson from the IOUG about his goals as president, the IOUG's role at Oracle OpenWorld and the surprising results of two recent IOUG surveys.

  Intermap details its Oracle database 11g upgrade
Intermap is the first company to store 3D elevation data in an Oracle 11g database. In this podcast, Intermap's senior director of information management explains the upgrade.

  BEA at Oracle OpenWorld: What to expect
SearchOracle talks with Floyd Teter from the OAUG about the BEA-related content at Oracle OpenWorld 2008, including what Oracle and BEA customers should look for at the conference.

  Podcast: Oracle outlines AIA vision
Jose Lazares, the new Application Integration Architecture (AIA) chief, lays out the latest on Oracle AIA and how customers and partners will be involved.

  Inside Oracle's governance, risk and compliance software strategy
One of Oracle's lead governance, risk and compliance software strategists breaks down Oracle's new GRC Suite and explains what Oracle GRC technology will look like in the future.

  Oracle Talk podcast: Database administration as a career
Woe is the DBA. Why are Oracle database administrators so upset? What can they do to advance their careers and get some respect from management?

  Author Mike Ault sizes up the new Oracle Database 11g
In this exclusive podcast interview, Mike Ault, a popular speaker at all the major Oracle conferences, discusses Oracle Database 11g's new SQL replay and memory management capabilities and much more.

  Database storage management with Independent Oracle Users Group president Ari Kaplan
IOUG president Ari Kaplan talks about the factors driving a huge increase in database storage needs and gives advice on Oracle tools that help DBAs manage storage more efficiently.

  Oracle Database 11g preview -- New automated features promise to make DBA life easier
Oracle Database 11g will offer new automated management features that should allow DBAs to concentrate on more strategic issues. We talked to an Oracle honcho to find out more.

  Oracle vs. SAP -- SOA and Web services security
Oracle and SAP have been slowly getting their customers to build a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and adopt Web services practices. In this podcast, Jason Bloomberg gives an overview of the security issues that are unique in an SOA environment.

  Oracle's Web 2.0 aspirations with Jim Murphy of AMR Research
Oracle is betting that Web 2.0 technologies like blogs and wikis will have profound implications for collaboration within the enterprise.

  Oracle Database expert talks Oracle-on-Linux
Brian Peasland talks to about running Oracle on Linux, Oracle's Red Hat support offering, the upcoming Oracle Database 11g and more.

  Oracle CRM chief Ed Abbo
Ed Abbo, senior vice president of CRM products, shares some of Oracle's plans for Fusion, what to expect in Siebel 8.0 and his thoughts on the future of innovation in CRM.

  Expert says PL/SQL change needed in Oracle 11g
Steve Feuerstein knows PL/SQL. The author of 10 best-selling books on the subject, Feuerstein has some serious opinions on the changes he'd like to see in PL/SQL when Oracle debuts Database 11g and why he believes people are too accepting of bugs in code.

  Security expert sizes up Oracle patch policies
Oracle Security Handbook author Aaron Newman talks about problems with Oracle's patching policies and how well those policies compare to those of IBM and Microsoft, as well as some of the new security features that Oracle is expected to roll out when it debuts Database 11g.

  Oracle security guru Peter Finnigan on the problem with PL/SQL
Oracle's proprietary SQL variant PL/SQL isn't as ironclad as some might expect, says Oracle security guru Peter Finnigan. In this podcast, Finnigan explains what DBAs and developers need to know to lock down their code.

  Database guru previews Oracle OpenWorld
Oracle database guru Mark Townsend talks about the highlights of the massive 2006 Oracle OpenWorld show.

  IOUG's Kaplan on what's hot at OpenWorld
Oracle OpenWorld kicks off next week and IOUG president Ari Kaplan says RAC, grid computing and high availability will be some of the hottest topics of discussion among attendees.

  The latest from Collaborate '06
Independent Oracle User Group President Ari Kaplan and board members Steve Lemme and Tony Jedlinski discuss the latest Oracle news and announcements from Collaborate '06.

  15-minute briefing: Trends in data governance
Data governance helps companies comply with regulatory requirements and avoid costly data breaches -- but it's easier said than done. Learn about data governance trends and techniques with author Gwen Thomas.

  15-minute briefing: Introduction to data integration
The alphabet soup of data integration technologies -- ETL, EAI, EII, EIM, SOA and others -- are more confusing than ever. Expert Rick Sherman gives an overview of the technologies used.

  15-minute briefing: Customer data integration (CDI)
In this podcast, we explore the ins and outs of customer data integration, from the technology to the business considerations, with CDI expert Jill Dyché.

  15-minute briefing: Master data management (MDM)
Listen to a comprehensive overview of master data management technology with expert David Loshin and learn the key to MDM success.

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