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Sales rep 'trolls' question software license compliance

Software analyst Ray Wang explains how some vendor sales reps are questioning customers' software license compliance to squeeze dollars out of them.

Software license compliance is difficult enough as it is -- trying to keep track of and buy the correct number of licenses for the right number of users is a project unto itself and doesn't need any vendor sales reps "trolling" for more cash.

But that's exactly what is happening, according to R. "Ray" Wang, principal analyst and CEO of Monta Vista, Calif.-based Constellation Research Inc. Wang wrote recently about vendor sales reps who "troll for indirect access." According to Wang, the reps are oftentimes new to an account and will probe for information about your software use. Then they'll move into the next phase, which is trying to get you to buy more software from the vendor. If you decline, the third phase comes in -- warnings that your software license compliance is out of whack and perhaps some threats that lawyers might get involved.

Wang said he has seen an uptick of clients asking about the issue, which indicates to them that sales reps are starting to push it hard. In this podcast, Wang explains exactly what indirect access is and how you can make sure your software license compliance is in order.


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