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Resilience is critical to growth in the changing IT profession

Resilience is an important part of the modern IT profession. IOUG president Maria Anderson explains how to develop an environment that encourages it.

Maria Anderson, Independent Oracle Users Group president, is interested in both technology and people -- especially resilient people.

Anderson has been an Oracle database administrator, consultant, application developer and systems analyst in a varied career in the IT profession. She currently is studying for a Ph.D. in leadership from Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia. Anderson combines her experience in IT with her study of leadership in her interest in resilience. Resilient people, according to Anderson, are people who frame a changing environment as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. With the cloud and converged infrastructure driving a climate of change in the IT profession, resilience has become an important quality.

In this podcast, Maria Anderson talks with SearchOracle editor Jessica Sirkin about resilience and how to develop and foster it. Anderson discusses the importance of resilience, the way management can promote resilience in IT and the way a person can make himself more able to face the challenges of a shifting IT environment. The podcast pays especial attention to the role communication plays in building and maintaining a resilient IT team.

According to Anderson, IT professionals are naturally curious people who want to understand not only what is happening, but why. Providing the answer to that question is key to creating an environment that fosters resilience. Anderson explains the role management, peers and user groups have in helping people in the IT profession learn how to better manage a changing situation.

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