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Oracle cloud strategy and OpenJDK: What's current with Oracle?

Oracle is changing its ways in an effort to become a cloud company, but it's hard to track how much the Oracle cloud strategy is paying off. Also, a look at Android switching to using OpenJDK.

In this podcast, Jack Vaughan, senior news writer for SearchDataManagement, and Jessica Sirkin, associate site editor of SearchOracle and SearchSQLServer, discuss data and applications with a focus on what's ahead for Oracle in 2016.

The podcast begins with a discussion of Oracle cloud strategy and how Oracle, an established titan in the on-premises database business, is positioning itself as a relatively new cloud contender. Oracle wants to be seen as a cloud company -- the question now is whether the Oracle cloud strategy is helping it achieve that goal.

It's hard, though, to tell just how far Oracle has come in the cloud. Oracle's platform as a service and software as a service businesses are growing rapidly, but critics say this has more to do with the incentives Oracle is offering than real interest in moving to the cloud. Larry Ellison, Oracle's executive chairman and CTO, made a point at Oracle OpenWorld 2015 of extolling the virtues of the Oracle cloud and criticizing competitors for falling short. However, what is still unclear about the success of Oracle's cloud strategy is how many customers are making a serious move to the cloud and how many are just testing the waters.

Although it can sometimes feel like all anyone at Oracle is talking about is the cloud, that doesn't mean Oracle isn't engaged on other fronts. Vaughan and Sirkin also discuss the background behind Google's decision to switch the Android operating system from an Apache Harmony-based implementation to Oracle's open source Java platform, OpenJDK. There has been some speculation that this is linked to the recent court case between Oracle and Google, which determined that APIs are intellectual property.

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