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Oracle cloud platform portfolio was the hot topic at Collaborate 15

In this podcast, SearchOracle's Jessica Sirkin details the main discussion topic at the Collaborate 15 conference, where Oracle's cloud services push was on the top of people's minds.

At the Collaborate 15 conference, held in Las Vegas in April 2015 and jointly hosted by Oracle's top three user groups, much of the discussion was focused on the vendor's growing portfolio of cloud services. SearchOracle associate site editor Jessica Sirkin covered the conference; in this podcast, she discusses the Oracle cloud platform strategy and why it was such a hot topic among Collaborate attendees.

"Right now, Oracle is really pushing cloud services and the idea of itself as a cloud company," Sirkin said. At the conference, Oracle CIO Mark Sunday gave a keynote speech in which he addressed questions about cloud computing in general and the company's push into the cloud in particular. "The basic idea was that IT leadership is going to be essential in the cloud and how important it was to adopt a solid cloud strategy for the future," Sirkin said. She noted that both John Matelski, president of the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG), and Melissa English, his counterpart at the Oracle Applications Users Group, agreed that Oracle's increased focus on the cloud is the current trend that is going to have the biggest effect on users.

While Matelski said the IOUG community is very interested in Oracle's cloud developments, that doesn't mean everyone is looking to start buying Oracle cloud technology -- and Matelski, who is chief innovation and information officer for Georgia's DeKalb County, is an example himself. "He's been asking vendors to pitch cloud options in RFPs, but he isn't ready to jump into the Oracle cloud yet," Sirkin said. In the long run, though, "he's thinking that from a cost/benefit standpoint, the cloud looks like a better bet to him than trying to upgrade his hardware."

Sirkin also discussed what differentiates the Collaborate conference and Oracle's own OpenWorld event, which takes place in the fall. "Basically, you learn what's going on at OpenWorld and you learn what others are doing about it at Collaborate," she said. She also cited the vast difference in attendance -- Collaborate had about 6,000 attendees while OpenWorld brings in 60,000. Ultimately, the two conferences are more complementary than competitive, according to Sirkin.

Listen to the four-minute podcast for her full overview of what went on at Collaborate 15.

Corlyn Voorhees is an editorial assistant for SearchOracle. Email her at [email protected], and follow us on Twitter: @SearchOracle.

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