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Oracle and big data architecture: Floyd Teter weighs in

An expert discusses Oracle and big data architecture, and how Endeca figures into the equation.

Oracle this month made two main announcements surrounding Oracle's big data architecture. The first was about a new version of Endeca, its data discovery tool, while the second concerned a new Oracle Big Data Appliance.

Floyd TeterFloyd Teter

In this podcast, Oracle applications expert Floyd Teter talks about the two announcements and their implications for Oracle professionals. Teter's interest in Endeca has been piqued. He explains what it does and how data discovery tools like Endeca might help Oracle applications professionals.

Teter then discusses the Oracle Big Data Appliance and how it fits into Oracle's big data architecture. He discusses whether an appliance is the right form factor for big data, which is commonly thought to be processed by scale-out commodity servers that act as compute nodes.

In this podcast, listeners will learn the following:

  • What Oracle Endeca is and how it fits into the Oracle big data architecture and strategy;
  • How Endeca or an alternative data discovery tool can help an Oracle applications professional add value to his business; and
  • When the Oracle big data architecture of having a big data appliance is a good strategy.

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