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New DBA skills for the cloud will push DBAs out of the comfort zone

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IOUG president Maria Anderson shares her view of the future of the DBA in the cloud and what good DBA skills will look like down the line. Leadership will become more important.

According to Independent Oracle Users Group president Maria Anderson, a move to the cloud will test DBA skills and push database administrators out of their comfort zones -- and that's a good thing.

Anderson has spent the past 18 years working in IT in a wide variety of positions. She got her start in IT at Oracle as a DBA, but has since worked as a consultant, an analyst and a manager among other jobs. Her varied career gives her a wide overview of what is happening and has happened in the IT field. Currently, Anderson is a doctoral candidate in leadership at Royal Roads University in British Columbia. Her interest in leadership is long-standing, and she brings that interest to the qualms of DBAs heading for the cloud.

In this podcast, Anderson talks with SearchOracle editor Jessica Sirkin about the opportunity the cloud offers DBAs. For example, DBAs could be spending more time away from the keyboard and out dealing with the business end of the company. To thrive in the cloud, Anderson says, DBAs will need to develop a different set of DBA skills and learn to put themselves forward.

The podcast covers the important DBA skills needed to become proficient at using the free time the cloud provides. For IT managers, Anderson talks about the importance of building a good environment for DBAs and how that plays into a smooth transition to the cloud. According to Anderson, a major change is coming, and it won't just be technological. It will change the culture of IT.

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