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Don Burleson on the Oracle-Sun acquisition and outlook for Java, MySQL

Hear from Oracle expert Don Burleson on the Oracle-Sun deal, including what it means to IT shops and Oracle's plans for Java and MySQL in this podcast.

 With approval of Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems creeping closer, IT professionals with significant investments in technologies from both companies have questions about a number of strategic issues. Some of their concerns include:


  • How technical support will be handled
  • What Oracle's plans are for Java and a number of other open source products most notably MySQL
  • What changes Oracle has in store for both software and server hardware and
  • Whether Oracle will go back to the future by selling integrated hardware-software stacks

In this podcast Don Burleson, noted Oracle consultant and author, takes on these issues offering advice on what IT professionals should expect, as well as his views on how the deal might change the competitive IT landscape.


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Don Burleson on the Oracle-Sun acquisition and outlook for Java, MySQL
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About the Speaker: Don Burleson, CEO of Burleson Consulting, has been in and around IT for 30 years. As a corporate database consultant he has worked with a number of Fortune 500 corporations creating database architectures for mission-critical applications. As an expert on Oracle web technology, Burleson also played a central role in developing web-based systems capable of supporting thousands of users. He wrote the "Officially Authorized by Oracle Corporation" books on Oracle Unix Administration, Oracle Tuning, Oracle SQL Tuning and Oracle Application Server Administration.


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