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Analyst talks Exadata x4-2, Oracle Database 12c

IDC Research Vice President Carl Olofson talks about the new features of Oracle Exadata x4-2 and Oracle Database 12c.

Oracle recently announced the newest version of its database machine, Exadata x4-2. The new server touts some standard spec upgrades -- up to 192 processor cores, 4 TB memory and almost 45 TB of flash cache -- although perhaps its biggest feature is that it will be the first Exadata that will support Oracle Database 12c, the company's new RDBMS that became generally available earlier this year.

Carl OlofsonCarl Olofson

It does come with a hefty list price, though. A full-rack Exadata is $1.1 million for the hardware alone. Oracle offers the machine in full-rack, half-rack, quarter-rack and eighth-rack form factors, though even the eighth-rack starts at $220,000 for hardware.

In this SearchOracle podcast, we spoke to Carl Olofson, research vice president at IDC. Olofson talked about his impressions of Oracle Exadata, his thoughts on the features in Oracle Database 12c, and other Oracle database-related topics.

This was last published in December 2013

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