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Webcast follow-up: Oracle9iAS tuning techniques

Don Burleson answers follow-up questions to his webcast,

Oracle guru Don Burleson has graced the Web pages of once again with his webcast, "Oracle9iAS tuning techniques." In it he described the techniques Oracle professionals need to use to detect and correct performance bottlenecks in Oracle9iAS. Several listeners had questions for Don following the webcast. We've included the questions and Don's responses below for your own reference.

Question #1: I am running reports on Oracle9iAS on Windows 2000. The Report Server service works for two or three times and goes down. After restarting it again, the report does not work unless I create a new Report Server service with another name. Is there any solution?

Don Burleson: The Report Server does not properly install on 9iAS R2 even though the configuration appears to complete successfully. Insure that you implement the fix in Metalink document 379108.999. Also comment out the tag...

 <!-destination destype="oraclePortal class="oracle.reports.server.DESOraclePortal"> <property name="protalUserid" calss="........... encrypted="yes"/> </destination> the rep_,machine_name>.conf file located in the ORACLE_HOME/reports/comf directory.

Question #2: We are running Forms9i. What DMS metrics are useful for monitoring Forms9i?

Don Burleson: You can find a tool that monitors Forms response time at this link:

Question #3: We often see around 200 HTTP numchildren value from dmstool. But the busyChildren value is never more than 4. Why?

Don Burleson: Not sure I can answer this one without more information. The MaxSpareServers may be set too high and not reducing unused servers when no longer needed. Likewise, you may look at the MavClients parameter, which -- like the processes parameter in the database -- is used to limit the max number of child servers. It is normal for busy children to be less than numchildren but 200/4 indicates that you either are looking at data just after a large load or that the HTTP.conf parameters may need adjusting.

Question #4: Where can I get your 9iAS book?

Don Burleson: The book is due in the warehouse from the publisher this week. You can pre-order it here:

About Don Burleson: Don Burleson is one of the world's top Oracle database experts with more than 20 years of full-time DBA experience. He specializes in creating database architectures for very large online databases and he has worked with some of the world's most powerful and complex systems.

A former adjunct professor, Don Burleson has written 32 books -- including the "Oracle9iAS Administration Handbook" –- published more than 100 articles in national magazines -- and serves as editor-in-chief of Rampant TechPress. Don is a popular lecturer and teacher and is a frequent speaker at Oracle OpenWorld and other international database conferences. Don's Web sites include and

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